A Nall shuttle delivers Colclough and the two Demarians to the surface of the planet Odari – homeworld of the merchant-minded Odarites. The weather is chilly on the landing pad, just below freezing Fahrenheit in what amounts to a balmy summer day in the city of Ikikir. “I usually packContinue Reading

One moment, Robert Colclough is aboard a shuttle that’s plummeting toward the uncaring sands of Demaria. The next, he’s light years away, emerging from a swirling blue portal onto the deckplates of a Consortium Intelligence outpost hidden among the wrecked hulls of the Line of Pain. He links his HUDContinue Reading

Razorback steps out of a hover-vehicle and onto the pavement near the hub of the Demarian government. He looks around, rubbing his tongue against the roof of his mouth in disgust. He steps aside to allow the others to exit the vehicle, his ears cautiously sweeping the city noises forContinue Reading

As promised, a herd of bumblers comes rolling into the village of Fakalienstadt on the third day. Razorback dismounts as soon as he is in sight of Greenwater’s home, looking around carefully and scenting the air in search of a potential trap. Whiptail follows along keeping the herd in check.Continue Reading