Classic OtherSpace Log: Only One Law

A visiting Zangali gets a lesson in life on Tomin Kora from one of his own kind…(Editor’s Note: This episode also puts paid to the common misconception that Zangali are total morons. They aren’t. They just don’t speak everyone’s language.)

Last Call Tavern

A place like this makes a person wish every chair sat with its back to a wall.

The tavern is a dark and shadowy place, the outside glow of the nebula filtering in weakly while pale blue plasma lanterns gleam in the center of most tables (some seem to have run out of juice, but the complaints department doesn’t care and the maintenance crew doesn’t get paid enough to intrude on conversations better left in the darkness).

The room stinks of sweat, cigarette smoke, and spilled alcohol and blood.

Fifteen tables and six booths are arrayed around a central C-shaped bar counter, which has eight stools in front of it.

“Well it looks like a dummy.” Jasra chuckles and picks up her scotch to take a long sip, hiding her smirk.

Knuckles thumps into the tavern, and swings his snout around to take in the occupants. His eye membranes nictate and the spines bristle atop his head.

Falkenberg is sitting at the bar, as are Kendrick, Tkagorth and Jasra. Cesca stands behind Falkenberg.

Tkagorth spots to other Zangali and quickly goes about scanning other patrons of the bar.

Knuckles walks to one of the tables with the blown plasma lamp, off in a shadowy corner, and settles into a creaky chair.

Falkenberg gestures to the seat next to him and looks to Cesca. “Sit,” he says. “I’m not sure they serve any wine you’d like here, but you can ask.” Continue reading Classic OtherSpace Log: Only One Law

Classic OtherSpace Log: Phantoms

Avocet Boulevard

A broad bi-leveled thoroughfare, consisting of a pedestrian mall on the lowest level with a hovercar circuit above, accessible by electromagnetic lifts that carry passengers to the cab platforms.

The pedestrian mall runs east and west from here, with the General Charles Avocet Spaceport to the south and a series of commercial enterprises to the north. Up the middle of the mall is a median of transplanted Earth elms and oaks, broken here and there by small cut-throughs.

At the very center of the pedestrian mall rises a fountain, with sparkling blue water gushing from the mouth of a giant green sea turtle moving through a simulated forest of red kelp. To the west stands a colossal statue of a human in full archaic battle dress, complete with helmet, sword and shield.

Fairfax makes his way down from the hovercab platform. His weight rests on a black cane.

Lambrick is beneath one of the oak trees that dots the median, catching a little respite from the sun and the crowds, neither of which afford much leeway to a man, even in uniform. There is nothing on him to indicate that he is on any sort of duty and, in fact, he is currently enjoying a bit of time off. Continue reading Classic OtherSpace Log: Phantoms

Classic OtherSpace Log: The Good Mother

A favorite freak on Ungstir gets drunk and gets delusions of maternity…

Rockhopper’s Haven

This cavernous chamber in the natural rock of the Ungstir planetoid appears to be some kind of converted mining operation facility, with large, rusty ore grinders, separation platforms and storage silos arrayed throughout. Automated ore-hauling bots – still functional despite age – whir and clunk overhead, following tracks set into the ceiling that weave around the antiquated mining equipment.

Metal-seated stools border a semicircular bar counter which is about one hundred feet long from end to end.

The bartender is usually clad in mining gear – complete with hardhat and overalls – and it doesn’t always appear to be just for purposes of keeping in theme. The Rockhopper’s Haven has a reputation as a rough spot among rough spots, with fisticuffs and gunfights erupting on a fairly regular basis – thus keeping the civilian constabulary on their toes (when they aren’t actually involved in the fights themselves).

Tkagorth arrives from City Commons .

Tkagorth has arrived.

Tkagorth stomps into the bar, and glances around.

LeBeau arrives from City Commons .

LeBeau has arrived.

Tkagorth is moving towards the bar, still looking around.

LeBeau walks in the bar and gives it a once over, making note of the inhabitants for the time being

Vampire is in his hoverchair near the bar, laughing outrageously at a joke from a chittering Odarite. He pours champagne into a shot glass, cries out, “And the mandibles got caught! I love it!” He gulps the champagne.

Tkagorth stomps up to the bar, and sits a few seats away from where Vampire is, and orders his usual firewater, he glances at Vampire and the Odarite. Continue reading Classic OtherSpace Log: The Good Mother

Classic OtherSpace Log: Battles Without, Battles Within

The Centauran Crystal Path fleet, under the influence of the Ri’Kammi Hive Mind, comes to Sanctuary, bent on destruction. And while a fight rages outside the colony vessel, another battle, just as dangerous and critical, is fought within…

Service/Defense Quarter

A broad corridor with gunmetal gray bulkheads illuminated by angled light strips imbedded into the walls, giving off a cold bluish-white glow that fades to shadow as the bulkheads climb toward the conduits and girders high overhead. A sealable steel door in the starboard wall is marked with a dark blue tramp freighter silhouette. Another door is marked with a shiny yellow sun. Further down, one finds a low archway leading into a facility marked with a placard that features a crimson heart. A security door equipped with a camera that sweeps the corridor is marked with a series of four vertical black bars. At the deepest end toward the core of Sanctuary stands a double-doored entrance to a chamber that is marked with a pair of bright blue masks, one happy, one sad. Antigrav lifts are available for passage to other decks.

A group of men and women stand talking in the Service/defense quarters of the UCV Sanctuary in upset voices. as Cail steps off the lift.

Mordecai nods. “Who will vouch for him? Who committed the probe?”

Marsyn remains where it is, studying Cail.

Briette shakes her head, “I have not done a probe since I lack the talent to. I can only rid the mind of the tendril.”

Mordecai looks at Cail. “Which Centauran probed you?”

Versailles’ Honor heads at full burn towards the Resistance.

HSV Resistance rips through the fabric of reality, leaving a glowing tear in space behind it for a brief moment, a brilliant light seeming to flare directly through the ship for a moment. Its dark, enlonged gleam shines sunlight off of one side, while the only thing visible are the interior lights on the other, its paint completely black. Its guns swivel as they track various targets on all sides, though don’t seem to lock onto anything as it moves into conventional engines, flames igniting from each row to trail behind it, smoke evaporating in space quite quickly.

Cail looks around “Tinal of the Centaurans probed me.” he says in a calm voice thick with held back anger.

Ming looks to Cail.

LoneEagle sighs, “One of you do something so we can ready ourselves for battle, this bickering is useless, either do something or I’ll kill him now since you seem to want his blood.” Continue reading Classic OtherSpace Log: Battles Without, Battles Within