Even today, nearly 70 years since he joined the first wave of soldiers through the surf onto the German-fortified shores of Normandy, Charles Chappell remembers. “I am getting really forgetful about a lot of things,” he said. “But I can picture today right in front of my eyes how thatContinue Reading

The idea of the OtherSpace reboot is interesting to some, but really, they wonder, isn’t it just another huge change for the sake of change? If that were the case, I could certainly see how the novelty of such a change might quickly wear off. But I think the sortContinue Reading

This column appeared in The Herald-Sun in March 2014: I’ve been plugged in, one way or another, ever since I was a kid – certainly as long as I remember. Sitting in front of the TV, I watched “Sesame Street” and the Watergate hearings with equal interest, if not alwaysContinue Reading

Back in 1998, when I was first creating the universe of OtherSpace, my focus was mostly on providing an abundance of options for people experienced in MUSHes who also were fans of various space opera/space fantasy franchises. So, besides garden-variety Earth humans, I introduced talking cat people, lizard people, fishContinue Reading