Razorback steps out of a hover-vehicle and onto the pavement near the hub of the Demarian government. He looks around, rubbing his tongue against the roof of his mouth in disgust. He steps aside to allow the others to exit the vehicle, his ears cautiously sweeping the city noises forContinue Reading

Having put out word of their mission to the tavernkeeper, Razorback rents a private room there and sets up shop, pulling out local maps of the desert and discussing a plan of action. Whiptail looks over the maps, one paw against his chin as he studies them. He points toContinue Reading

Congratulations to nickpalaz0123 (also known as Razorback, Vrex, Fedya, and more) on his second consecutive month as our OtherSpace Player of the Month. As a reward, he gets a $25 Amazon gift certificate! The PotM is chosen based on roleplaying activity, community engagement, retweets of OtherSpace-related links, and other socialContinue Reading

ERIACRE, IMPIRUIL BAILE – Two Demarian outversers are reported missing at this hour in the wilds of Impiruil Baile. Razorback Cliffwalker, once a prominent leader of the Orion Confederacy, and companion Foldears Cliffwalker were last known to be embarking on a wilderness expedition and hunt in dangerous mountains outside theContinue Reading