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Handy Notes

  • No character biography required. Just create at the log in screen, set up your character on Sol Station, and proceed with your adventure. Players who submit biographies earn rewards.
  • Type +help <text goes here> in-game to communicate using the out-of-character Help channel. To chat on the out-of-character social channel, type +public <text goes here>.
  • Use the pose command, or :, to show what your character’s trying to do. For example: Typing :walks down the corridor with a PDA in his hand could yield “Brody walks down the corridor with a PDA in his hand.”
  • Use @emit to create a pose that doesn’t start with your character’s name and can include dialogue. For example: @emit PDA in hand, Brody walks down the corridor. His commlink chimes. He answers, “Hello? Brody here.”
  • Post news articles, stories, and roleplaying logs to earn widgets for crafting. You can use the crafting system to build weapons and armor, as well as simulating jobs that earn your character money. We encourage you to actually play scenes that back up earning the money, as this can earn more widgets for you and your friends.
  • We accept donations to help offset the cost of hosting the game and backing up data on a daily basis. Send contributions via PayPal to Thanks for your support!