Dave Creek, a former web producer, is a Kentucky native who lives in Louisville. He’s the author of numerous stories and novels set in the same shared sci-fi universe since 1994. Creek recently took the time to answer some questions: Wes Platt: How did you get started as a writer?Continue Reading

Paul Levinson, professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University in New York, is an award-winning science fiction writer of novels including The Silk Code, Borrowed Tides, and The Consciousness Plague. He’s also an online education pioneer, a podcaster, and former president of the SFWA. Levinson recently took theContinue Reading

Jason A. Holt, board game writer and translator, is fluent in Czech and lives on a remote Montana cattle ranch. He’s worked on the Galaxy Trucker board game and is author of the Edgewhen series of fantasy novels. His first Galaxy Trucker novel, Rocky Road, was just released! Holt recently tookContinue Reading

Steven Campbell first came up with the idea of Hard Luck Hank in the 1990s as a pitch for articles in a fishing magazine. Now Hank’s the star of Campbell’s series of comedic pulp sci-fi stories. Campbell recently took the time to answer some questions: Wes Platt: When do youContinue Reading