With 5 days to Christmas.. and a three day weekend ahead of me, I am putting my foot to the floor to get some stuff done on the RoE side.

With that being said…

Let there be life!

I have completed construction of 5 planets.





Bespin (Cloud City)

That is where it will stand for now. I have submitted the request to have the 5 connected via a shuttle system.

Off of each of the spaceport/landing pads/docking bays for the planets there is a hidden room. You can access it by typing ‘Space’. These rooms will be used for RPing out Space combat events, or general space RP if you own a ship. You are free to look there, but unless you have access to a ship, you will be unable to RP in any space scenes/events in these rooms.

What about races?!

There was some discussion tonight in the OOC Town Hall about how races will be handled in the future. I need to confer with the staff to see how they will handle it, and how I should proceed on this front.

Ships… So many ships!

Not sure how combat will be handled. I need to confer on this. It will involve the Vehicle skill and Spacecraft specialization for rolls. I do not know if skills such as Dodging, etc… will be used as well.

The rules for space combat need to be compatible with the current system we use on Otherspace. So I will be conferring with the staff to work that out. I have received some feedback, and I have some ideas of my own. More to come on this front in the coming weeks!

By Narai

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