Several management types sat at tables in the McDonald’s dining room, holding a breakfast meeting while I munched on a burrito. The senior manager leading the meeting made a comment: “You’ll find that in your R2D2 report.” No one around the table giggled. No one made humming lightsaber noises. EveryoneContinue Reading

It’s been a hectic, amazing year. For me, on the personal front, I remarried in March and in May became father to an adopted infant boy. At work, I went from education reporter to news editor in the spring and by the end of summer became a hybrid news editor/crimeContinue Reading

To Infinity… and Beyond! The shuttle system has been installed thanks to the staff! All planets are now connected! With that, the first major milestone in the develop of Star Wars: Reach of the Empire has been reached – the main infrastructure has been set. The game is playable inContinue Reading

This column appeared in The Herald-Sun in December 2013: Just five years ago, I’d have laughed in the face of anyone who told me that I’d someday find myself standing in the back aisle of a Durham Toys R Us, weighing the benefits of Baby’s First Blocks, the Soothe &Continue Reading