To Infinity… and Beyond!

The shuttle system has been installed thanks to the staff! All planets are now connected! With that, the first major milestone in the develop of Star Wars: Reach of the Empire has been reached – the main infrastructure has been set. The game is playable in its current condition.

What’s next?

Wookiees, and Bothans and Hutts.. Oh my!

We need to develop the list of playable races. In the recent Otherspace OOC Town Hall, it was discussed that races would fall under ‘umbrellas’, or racial categories such as ‘Reptiles’, etc… While I will leave the final decision to the staff of which race belongs to what category, we need to decide which races will be playable. This is a very quick ‘first draft’ of playable races:




Neimoidian (this will be the only pre-Episode 4 race)

Human (this will encompass all Humans… Corellian, Hapan, Coruscanti, etc.. )








Mon Calamari







This is a pretty good starting list. Obviously, some races such as Hutt and Chiss will be judged more harshly than your run of the mill Mon Calamari or Human.

Expectation for Droid Applications will be outlined later. Not all droids are the same.. Your standard Astromech versus your Assassin Droids or Battle Droids, for example. There will be some standard required in the application process. In reality, I would restrict the number of droids to non-droid population.. Don’t need 10 droid players running around after all.

Feel free to suggest a race you would like to play if it is not on this list.

Jedi.. again..

I outlined the Jedi/Sith situation early on. Do not expect to play a force user in the beginning. They will be used for plot develop only. They will be powerful good/bad guys in plots, etc… Theyย may be handed out for play to experience players who step up to the plate and take on a role to develop RP on the RoE side.

Force applications will be summarily rejected. Fair warning. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do not want to sound like a dictator, but Force users, especially open-ended application of these sorts of characters, are asking for problems to happen.

That’s it for now.. Happy Holidays, and the next update will be later this week or sometime after January 1, 2014. ๐Ÿ™‚

By Narai

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  1. Sounds good to me. can’t wait to be able to make a character for RoE.I’ll think about which race I’ll play, a Twi’lek or a Togruta. I already have the bases of a Togruta character I play on text based browser game called Starwars Combine. But playing a Twi’lek sounds fun too.

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