Let’s say that, IRL, you live in Australia and you want a portion of the grid where you can encourage new OtherSpace recruits from your time zone to congregate. Using every player’s inherent ability to @dig and @desc their own grid chunks, you’d be welcome to develop areas on EarthContinue Reading

Rodger is at his customary spot, doing what he’s nominally paid for – making sure that no one gets into the research area without the proper identification. He keeps a general look of mild annoyance on his face, arms crossed as he gazes about the rotunda – constantly assessing whoContinue Reading

At first, I worried about Bob Busby. I didn’t think he’d last. I’d portrayed him twice, first in a TED-like talk posted here on the OtherSpace blog and then in a real-time roleplaying scene. And I wasn’t quite getting into him. He felt quirky and odd for the sake ofContinue Reading

Busby walks into the lounge and makes his way to one of the “launch couch” tables, which he slides into before draping his left arm over the cushioned back support and adjusting the blue-lensed sunglasses perched on his nose. Jensen meanwhile is sitting at the bar with a half-drunk beerContinue Reading