The main news is: We’re going forward with the 26th Century reboot of OtherSpace and it’ll kick off on June 28 – the official 16th anniversary of the existence of our MUSH.

So far, I’m pleased to say that we’ve had (mostly) positive feedback about the idea. I’ve heard one firm “I won’t go along” and a couple of more tentative, yet largely positive comments. But, by and large, it seems there’s undeniable appeal in starting with a fresh canvas and taking players back to a time when they can make the in-game history that people can reminisce about in another 16 years.

It’s important to remember that even though my focus will be on the reboot grid, we’re not eliminating the Ancient Expanse. In the coming months, I’ll build a new primary character creation area that will funnel new players to the rebooted Orion Arm, but I will include a link to the existing chargen that provides people with options in the Ancient Expanse.

It is my intent, in effect, to turn the Ancient Expanse into a player-run universe. So, people who have characters there don’t have to give them up. It is not my intent to throw anyone’s work in the virtual garbage or toss veteran players under the bus or anything like that.

But I’ll definitely be turning my attention to drawing new players in with the reboot grid. Recruitment and activity within the Ancient Expense will be entirely the purview of the players who stay active there.

Veteran players are certainly welcome to make characters in the 2550-era reboot. If you want to start planning ahead, the primary options will include:

  • Scientists and engineers: Lab geeks working on FTL capability
  • Military personnel: Vanguard grunts and officers to defend the Canaveral Spaceport
  • Corporate civilians: Suits affiliated with the FTL research effort. Some may have agendas that don’t necessarily mesh with the government’s.
  • Politicians: Emissaries on the Solar Consortium Council from Earth’s regional governments, Luna and Mars.

Other concepts will be entertained. The above is just fodder for you to think about. However, while “rifted” character concepts will continue to be welcome in the Ancient Expanse, perhaps even from the reboot grid (if new players want to take their characters from the reboot grid to the AE, that’d be okay), we will not allow rifting into the reboot grid.

By Brody

2 thoughts on “Trying it on for size”
  1. Long live the Consortium.

    I will be pushing political RP once it is up and running. πŸ™‚ Loved the old days of Council meetings in both the Stellar and Solar Consortiums πŸ™‚

  2. I probably won’t make a politician. or at least not right away.
    I might go with some form of engineer or scientist. Either fully or mixed with a bit of military personnel in it. Since you’ll never know when you might need to defend yourself or your work.

    Good thing I got time to think about it thought.

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