Homeworld of the Timonae, Antimone is a generally temperate planet covered with violet-blue seas, with cities built atop jagged mountain peaks that jut from the ocean. The capital city, which sits atop Valsho Peak, is called Valsho. The planet was named by rogue Val Shohobian Mystics who called themselves “Timonae”Continue Reading

A pollution-shrouded planet crusted over with the ruins of what appears to be a dead civilization, now homeworld of the mechanoid Phyrrians, who are ruled by an all-controlling Overmind. Lesser units, known as Taskers, are sent out into the cosmos by the Overmind to gather intelligence and learn from otherContinue Reading

G’ahnlo is the watery homeworld of the G’ahnli race, and a major merchant center in the galactic economy. History Settled in 2120 AD by a G’ahnli by the name of Gorloba and his thirty-six female partners as a response to the Nall invasion of Ydahr in 2119, G’ahnlo has sinceContinue Reading

Edward Sivad is the founding father of the planet Sivad, a colony world of the Stellar Consortium. He, along with a number of others, purchased, outfitted, and launched the colony vessel S.S. Margaret Thatcher, which landed at Enaj on the tropical world that would become Sivad on Nov. 17, 2560.Continue Reading