AntimoneHomeworld of the Timonae, Antimone is a generally temperate planet covered with violet-blue seas, with cities built atop jagged mountain peaks that jut from the ocean. The capital city, which sits atop Valsho Peak, is called Valsho.

The planet was named by rogue Val Shohobian Mystics who called themselves “Timonae” or “Followers of the Prophet Timon.” In the Shohobian dialect, “Antimone” means “Temple of Timon.”


The Parting

In the year 7000 BCE, the race of warrior philosophers known as the Val Shohobian Mystics became sundered in a conflict known as The Parting.

For many years, it was believed that this was a severe difference of opinion that simply led to a relatively amicable parting of ways between the two opposing factions within the Mystics.

In truth, it is known now that the Mystics endured a bloody civil war that lasted for nearly ten years before they reached an armistice and the defeated Timonae were exiled as punishment for their beliefs. Led by the self-proclaimed Prophet Timon, they believed that the information provided by the Voice that guided the Shohobian people should be used to profit the Mystics.



On the world of Antimone, it is legal to carry a civilian-grade weapon. However, weapons are rarely flaunted publicly, since they are frowned upon by most, and the militia might want to question you about what you plan to use the weapon for.

It is also legal to possess, sell, and use most narcotics – no permits required. The planet’s government takes a laissez-faire approach to drug and alcohol use. Societally, it is considered to be in the hands of lady fortune, and that people who use such substances take their chances and deserve what they get.

At the same time, however, the government dismisses out of hand any claims against the government stemming from drug-related deaths.


Any adult citizen of the planet Antimone is eligible to become an elected member of the Senate or even the planetary Governor. Randomly selected by computers in the central government facility in New Valsho, Senators and Governors serve for one year. It is possible, but exceedingly rare, to be randomly selected for consecutive terms. (Naturally, this becomes something else that the denizens of Antimone use as an excuse for gambling.)

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