The player-run world of Fortrain has been added to the Orion Arm grid and now is an option on the shuttle network. Contact Mikage for additional information.

Sometimes I think I should’ve stopped OtherSpace after the first five story arcs. So far, between 1998 and 2015, we: Kidnapped players to fight in an ancient war between two alien races and save a little boy in 2650. Toppled a pirate king. Overthrew a dictator. Shook up the StellarContinue Reading

I’ve kicked off an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, where you’re invited to pose questions about my work on OtherSpace, Knee Deep, Fallen Earth, and even my days as a journalist with The St. Petersburg Times and The Herald-Sun. Or about my childhood. Or adopting a son. Or travelingContinue Reading