Some organization advertisements from WAAAAY back in the day on OtherSpace:

Guardian Fleet: That’s right, the still loyal forces of the Guardian Fleet need YOU! We need pilots, gunners, engineers, and just about anything else militaristic! We’ve got a brand new Battleship that needs a crew, as well. And we get to wear spiffy uniforms! So app! app! app! A message from your local propaganda agency!


Tycho Exploration Cooperative: Do you feel strongly for the Luna ideals of peace and freedom? Do you like exploration and discovery?

Do you have a degree in astrophysics?

Then we are looking for you! Tycho Exploration Cooperative is still seeking new members to fill positions both in starship operations as well as sciences. We need:

  • Astrogation, Engineering, Computer and Tactical/Gunnery professionals
  • Medical specialists, particularly in Exoanatomy and Genetic Engineering
  • Astrophysists and Planetologists
  • Archaeologists, Anthropologists and Sociologists.

Membership can be extended to members of nearly any race, pending citizenship to the Free Luna Protectorate. Contact Volestad or Daneel for more information!


Odarite Merchants Guild: The Odarite Merchants Guild is currently hiring a crew for the Hard Bargain, the OMG’s startup freighter. Crew members could establish trade routes and coordinate with each other, and share in the profits from trade (so long as the Guild gets the usual 10 percent to cover the usage of the ship). Guild pays for fuel, repairs in the line of duty. Contact I’kkrikik on Odari. Only Odarites need apply.


Castori Commerce Guild: Now available to Castori on OtherSpace: The Castori Commerce Guild. Travel the stars and help boost your native economy as a member of this organization. Financing available for cargo vessels (repayable to the guild), with a weekly salary to keep you going through the fallow times. Contact Sedrikin or Grumkin for details.


Clawed Fist Fleet Mercantile Ops: Vox Griskoth, she upon whom the glorious light of Nalia shines, blessed leader of proud Nalhom, has declared the reactivation of the revered Clawed Fist mercantile fleet. The mercantile ops members are officially part of the Clawed Fist military fleet, but serve in a supply acquisition and transport capacity during wartime, and act as merchants and sutlers during peacetime. Crews are sought to man new Honor-class freighters to begin establishing trade routes between Nalhom, Lebal and the other known worlds. Contact Griskoth for more information.


Centauran Trade Collective: All Centaurans are invited to join the new Centauran Trade Collective, a guild that provides commercial cargo hauling and personnel transport on behalf of Centauri. Benefits include weekly salary and financing for cargo vessels, repayable over time. Contact Riral on Centauri for more information.


Demarian Nobility: The Demarian Senate in the community of Gleaming Star is seeking nobles to serve the growing city. Contact Stumppaw, Moonshadow, Whitemane or Starshine for more information.


Vanguard Reserves: Have you always wanted to serve in the Vanguard, but have a business elsewhere? Do you desire to help protect one of the universe’s oldest relics alongside the brave beings that make up the Vanguard? Do you wish to learn the skills taught by the fine instructors of the Vanguard, to help in your daily life?

If you can offer one weekend a month, and three weeks of the year, the Vanguard Reserves are for you.

The only requirements beyond your time to serve is that you live in close proximity to Sanctuary.

Contact Tominov for more information.


The Martian Republic: The Martian Republic is looking for quality RPers and intelligent minds like YOU!

Here are some of the roles we have available:


The backbone of the Republic, these men and women sit in the highest electoral body of the planet, and with the Consul moderating decide upon the business of the goverment. Important roles, and when we get enough a Comitia will be built and regular meetings held.


No, it’s not the disease. It’s the Martian army. We need good commanders, lieutenants, and grunts under the famous Praetor Colin Neidermeyer. Looking for a military role? Want to fly a ship? Kick ass and take names? Then join the honoured ranks of the Legions.

~Personal Pilot to the Consul~

Trust me. This is /very/ needed. The poor Consul can’t ferry himself about, and needs someone to direct his shuttle when needed.

~Foreign Minister~

The one who has to directly deal with all the aliens and Consortium folks. We need someone to direct our foreign affairs. A very high-profile position which requires a lot of activity and commitment.

The other various bureaucrats, spies, and citizens which make up the Republic. Original concepts are encouraged, so get out there and …

Make a Martian!


Trailing Edge Shipping: That’s right! The (not so) famous Trailing Edge Shipping is looking for new members! What does this mean? What do you get to do? Well, actually the question is what *don’t* you get to do, and that’s ship things. Unless they’re rather small of course. Trailing Edge owns a modified Wolf class Frigate, the Shining Claw, and takes on any and all missions such as extractions, assassinations, privateering, patrols, and all the usual merc work. We also have a distinctly political (and anti- Solar Consortium) bent. This sound like it’s for you? Then contact me (Firemane) via e-mail or @mail (Both obtainable on OS itself), or page me if I’m on. The offer is open both to new players, and to established ones, although existing characters will have to prove themselves to Fire ICly. (As will new characters, but if things have been pre-arranged, then it will be easier).

By Brody

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