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OtherView Flashback: A Chat of Ice and Fire – 2000

Back in the year 2000, we had the pleasure of hosting a chat on OtherSpace with George R.R. Martin, author of a popular book series called “A Song of Ice and Fire” that would go on to spawn an HBO fantasy series sensation:

Brody greets George. “Welcome, Mr. Martin :)”

Volanta gives a warm and friendly “Yo” to Mister Martin.

George says, “<Hello. This the place?>”

Caspar arrives from Freewheeling <Tomin Kora>.

Caspar has arrived.

Volanta says, “<> are not required. Just there to confuse people.”

Dominique laughs lightly, and nods, “You probably got it right Mr. Martin”

Brody nods. “Welcome to OtherSpace.

Brody will give folks a couple more minutes to filter in, then we can get underway.

George says, “Sounds good.”

George says, “What is “Freewheeling?””

Brody grins. “It’s a shady town on a fairly shady planet.”

Dominique says, “Fairly?!”

George says, “I see…”

Brody says, “Ok, so I understate the scum and villainy quotient.”

Dominique avoids Tomin Kora at all costs 🙂

George says, “Is this from a MUSH or a MUD, something like that?”

Caspar nods. “It’s a MUSH.”

Hikaru says, “This is a MUSH. Which are RolePlay focused where most MUDS are combat hack and slash focused.”

George says, “I say I have heard about MUSHing. A couple of my fans are gearing up to start a Seven Kingdoms MUSH”

Brody smiles. “That was actually going to be one of my questions – would that be a first for your stories? Or are there others?”

George says, “The first so far as I know.”

Volanta wishes he could read…

Hikaru says, “Nice, Mushing is a unique community.”

Brody peers in Volanta’s general direction.

Volanta just looks at the picture.

George says, “I must admit, when I hear “Mush” I think of the Iditarod.”

Guest looks guilty (being one of the fans — Elio here). “Hi, GRRM. :)”

Dominique pats Volanta on the head.

Brody grins and nods. “I thought of porridge. It’s okay.”

George says, “Hi, elio. You’re everywhere.”

George says, “Is the Conference Center a different place from here?”

Brody grins. “Nope, you’re in the right place.”

George says, “Good”

Guest is like Chun the Unavoidable that way. 😉

Brody says, “Other folks are scattered around the MUSH – type listlocs.”

George says, “Ah, Chun the Unavoidable… what a guy”

George says, “I do love Jack Vance”

Brody waves to the group. “First, let’s all welcome George “R.R.” Martin to our humble corner of the Internet. Mr. Martin is the author of many novels – some of you may be familiar with a series called ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ He also developed the Wild Cards shared world, and he wrote for the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ TV series with Linda Hamilton.

Volanta decides to kill Korstyl, just for the hell of it, then shuts his mouth.

Dominique welcomes Mr. Martin – unsure of what exactly a welcoming movement would be – but just as glad to have him here anyways.

Korstyl claps and whistles.

George says, “Glad to be here”

Brody grins. “First of all, Mr. Martin, if you’d like, take some time to talk about your latest book in the “Song of Ice and Fire” series. What’s it called, what’s it about?”

George says, “It’s called A STORM OF SWORDS. It’s about 1500 pages (in manucript, anyway)”

Brody chuckles. “Not something you can read in one night – without a lot of caffeine.”

Brody says, “How would you classify the series? I’ve heard them referred to as political fantasy. Is that accurate?”

“Or controlled substances…” Volanta mutters.

George says, “Well, you can definitely read it in less time than it took me to write it.”

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