The new character creation process for rebooted OtherSpace will be non-linear. It’s conceivable that a player can enter just one room before submitting their biography for consideration and entering the grid on Earth, if approved.

Kudos to Coyote and Loki for the general idea, which is to give players less of a cattle chute and more of a simplified, elegant experience. From the main room, we’ll have additional exits that will let players explore other aspects of the game, if they want. But we’re moving away from the largely unnecessary hiking experience of prior character setup areas on the MUSH.

And since that main room is done and the first chunk of grid for Cape Canaveral is online (thanks, Colchek!), we’re going to start accepting new character concepts for Vanguard personnel and research nerds hired as contractors by the military. Consider this the “soft opening” of the OtherSpace reboot!

From the main OOC area, just go through CS to get started!

By Brody

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