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Current story arc: War of the Weavers

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Introduction The Infomatrix Handy Info

The war with the Zarist Supremacy is at an end.

The Orion Confederacy, an alliance built by refugees from the Orion Arm, helped push back against the warmongering of the Zarists and their Nall cohorts within the alien universe of the Ancient Expanse.

Now, the depleted Clawed Fist Fleet is on the run, the Opodians of Kamsho have made their peace with the rest of the galaxy, the Thul are doing their best not to be noticed in their grimy corner of the cosmos, and the Kamir-descended Aukami in Multvaros wait, practically defenseless, for the repercussions and retaliation to come.

All anyone probably needs is a good excuse. And now they might have one: Captain David Ransom Porter and his team aboard the Minerva reverse-engineered a transuniversal rift drive. Porter shared the design schematics with all worlds in the Ancient Expanse before taking his ship through a space-time rift back to the Orion Arm. The key ingredient for building a rift modulator: Kamir artifacts, which litter the surface of Aukam and other Kamir-influenced worlds.

How far will people go in the hopes of scoring riches across the multiverse? And should everyone be so eager to find out what lies beyond those shimmering gashes in space-time?

Join the saga and find out!

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Tiana Ryoleli
Tiana Ryoleli is the wife of Rillitan Ryoleli, owner and commander of the Olympus Trading Company sporting the title of Commodore, and most often the face of the company. In Normalspace she was a Bounty Hunter alongside her husband, and the information gathering half of that team.

In Hiverspace she's gained somewhat of a reputation, the initial seeds of which began with the crew of her personal ship, the IND Laughing Fox, being kidnapped and experimented on by Thul. This reputation came to a peak when she refused to allow her crew to be taken into the Zar's custody on Kamsho, and was painted as a terrorist in the aftermath of that incident in addition to having a bounty placed on her head.

The downfall of the Zar has made this bounty void, though her reputation remains.

A Grim Situation

Three black shuttles descend onto the tarmac of the docking pad at Drescher Interstellar Spaceport. No distinctive markings on these vessels. They rest on their landing skids as the thruster turbines wind down. Hatches click open simultaneously. Ramps slide down. Black-masked, black-suited agents armed with rifles start jogging down those ramps.

Sharai Dravik is about to reply with a playful smile when she sees the ships and goes pale, stepping in front of Heidi, hand on her pistol hilt but doesn't yet draw.

Heidi turns to look over at the ships and she lifts a brow slightly. "Hmm.. this is differnt ja?" The tall woman comments as she takes a step back.

The Opodian Viceroy, standing near the Opodi's Light with several local police officers that Iseul left with him the night before, is discussing various items with some of the 'locals', who have never seen an Opodian before. He tries to explain where he and his ship came from, but they don't quite understand and walk off. As the black shuttles come zooming overhead, Narai looks up, grumbling. "This is never a good thing."

The last off the shuttles is a man with spiky silver hair. He follows his team of armed agents toward the Opodian. As the agents form a circle, the leader steps through and offers a faint smile to Narai, eyeing the strange bear-like alien up and down. Clasping his hands behind his back, the gaunt-faced man says, "I am Senior Agent Grim of the Consortium Intelligence Service. If you would be so kind as to accompany us, our government has some questions about you, your vessel, and your intentions in Consortium space. The Vanguard is already taking up security positions around your orbiting vessel. We will try to return it to you in decent condition, of course."

Sharai Dravik steps forward, "As I recall the Consortium Council has already met with the Viceroy. Where is your authorization to apprehend these people?"

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