CSpace 1.0


Our space system is not a graphical three-dimension rendering of actual outer space. It’s not a pretty picture on a screen like something you might see in EVE Online or Star Trek Online.

Sure, OtherSpace a space opera game, so we think starships are an important piece of the puzzle. But we’re more focused on using vessels to get from one roleplaying locale to another than we are on making it mandatory for starship captains to know calculus and stellar physics to move around.

Don’t get us wrong: We’re big fans of Star Wars, Babylon 5, and the old Privateer and Wing Commander games. However, we’re a text-based game. OtherSpace is for people who like to read and write, who can create astounding graphics inside their own minds.

In CSpace 1.0, designed by Colchek, our ships travel on two-dimensional grids that are inspired by old-school text-based space games, such as NetTrek and Super StarTrek.


Brings up a ship’s description. Works on a landing pad or in a docking bay.

Mans the ship’s main console on the bridge. Doing this makes you the current pilot so that flight commands become available to you.
Stands you up from the main console.
Activates the ship’s power systems. Necessary for ship to function.
Deactivates the ship’s power systems.
Launches ship from landing pad or docking bay.
+LAND *=*
Land the ship. The first item is sensor contact ID to land upon; the second is ID number of landing pad or bay.
Brings up list of waypoints stored on ship’s computer.
Add a custom waypoint. First entry is name for waypoint, while second and third entries are X and Y coordinates of waypoint.
Removes a custom waypoint, using either the waypoint name or ID number.
+JUMP TO *,*
Activates the OtherSpace Drive and travels to X,Y coordinates. Duration of trip varies based off your Vehicles + Spacecraft skill level. A high roll (conducted automatically by the console) can shave as much as 50 percent off the trip. Works for +travel too.
Activates sublight engines for travel to specified X,Y coordinates.
Activates rift modulator, if equipped, and transitions ship through specified space-time rift ID. Rifts appear on sensor displays if ship is modulator-equipped.
Aborts FTL or sublight travel and sends ship back to starting coordinates.
Shows all contacts in current sector.
Scans a grid area six sectors in all direction for targets such as planets and rifts.
Performs a remote scan of a specific sector. Maximum range for doing this varies depending on your ship’s sensor rating.
If you provide a sensor contact ID number, this provides information on the targeted contact.
Gives readout of ship’s current status, such as whether it is launched or landed, ETA to destination, position, and fuel reserves.
Gives a detailed listing of systems installed aboard ship and their ratings.
+BOARD *=*
Lets you board a ship, if you give the ship’s name and (optionally) the boarding code.
From whatever room aboard ship passes as an airlock (in small one-room ships, this can be the cockpit), allows you to leave the vessel after landing.
Sends an intercom message to all rooms aboard the ship.

Activate or disable ship’s boarding security.

Sets the ship’s boarding code.
Transmit specified message to all vessels in your current sector.
The first item is a space-separated list of sensor contact IDs. The second is the message you want to send.
Shows what is currently outside the ship when landed.
Broadcasts a pose of what your ship is doing to all vessels in your current sector.


Own a starship? Besides serving as a mobile RP stage for you and your crew or exploring the multiverse for undiscovered wonders, it can also make money for yourself and your player-run organization.

Pick up cargo in one location. Sell it in another. Merchandise acquired in one universe is inherently more valuable in a different universe. Also, some planets pay a high price for black market cargo.

Take your ship to locations with cargo terminals to get started in your career as a legitimate cargo hauler or shady smuggler.

Comorro Station
Hekayt Prime
Galaxy Galleria
Tomin Kora

Run your own world? Request a cargo terminal for a cost of 2,000 Saga Points.


Displays list of cargo available for trade at specific cargo terminal.

+BUY CARGO *=*/*
Purchase cargo. Specify cargo (name or ID #) and ship to load it on, and the quantity.
Sell cargo. Specify cargo (name or ID #) and ship from which to take it, and the quantity.
From cargo terminal, shows cargo currently loaded on specified ship.
From ship’s main console, shows cargo currently loaded aboard ship.