So, a team of brainiacs is stashed aboard Ulm Station trying to figure out a solution for faster-than-light travel. How will I decide when or if they’ve succeeded?

In the past, we’ve handled this sort of thing with skill rolls or resource gathering with the crafting system.

Now, it’s going to work a little differently.

The team’s got to earn 20 FTL Experimentation Tokens. Once they’ve got those tokens, we’ll introduce a faster-than-light drive to the Consortium and credit will go to the Ulm Station players for the history books.

How do they earn those tokens?

Role-playing. Specifically, they must RP in experimentation- and research-related scenes in the lab on Ulm Station and submit their logs to Scenes that involve two people and appear substantial in player performance are worth one token. Scenes with three or more players are worth two tokens.

How long the experimentation phase lasts depends on the commitment and creative productivity of the players on the station.

Good luck!

By Brody

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