…to a celebration of OtherSpace turning 19 years old! We’re holding a virtual party on our Slack site, which you can easily join using Slackpass!

We’ve had a great first few months making the transition from Telnet MUSH to Slack roleplaying platform, with players launching new adventures on classic worlds such as Demaria, Ungstir, Luna, Mars, and Tomin Kora. But we’ve also kicked off an exploration storyline in which players are encouraged to find strange new worlds and make their own mark on the new history of OtherSpace.

On June 28, we’ll cheer the fact that this storytelling game has been through four presidents (so far), survived four Star Wars prequels and a new sequel (so far), and weathered the release of several World of Warcraft expansions and the rise of Steam.

By Brody

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