MUSH Commands

MUSH commands come in a couple of flavors. The first are hard-coded commands that are built into the source code of PennMUSH. The second are soft-coded commands, designed by programmers working on the MUSH and generally customized for the needs of that specific MUSH. Most soft-coded commands are preceded by a plus sign (+), while hard-coded commands tend to have no prefix symbol except for the occasional @.

@DESC Use @desc me=(description) to set your character’s appearance.
ENTER Use enter (object) to get inside an object that is enter-able, such as an automated shuttle.
EXAMINE Type ex me to see visible information about your character, including description, creation date, and any public attributes.
LEAVE Use leave to depart an object that you entered, such as an automated shuttle.
LOGOUT Use this command when you want to keep a connection opened to the MUSH, but want to switch characters.
LOOK Use this command to get a description of the room you’re in, as well as an inventory of its contents.
POSE Type pose (action text) or :(action text) to create a pose showing other players what you’re doing. You may add dialogue to this as part of the pose. Example: Bob stands, cracks his knuckles and says, “Man, my feet stink.”
QUIT Use this command to log out your current character and disconnect from the MUSH.
SAY Type say (dialogue) or “(dialogue) to speak as your character without posing any action.
WHO Use this command to get a roster of who’s online at any given time.
+CALENDAR Use this command to display a list of any upcoming scheduled events.
+FINGER Type +finger to bring up your own personal information. Type +finger (name) to bring up someone else’s personal information.
+HEADLINES Use this command to display a list of recent in-game news headlines.
+INV Use this command to display your current inventory of crafted items and action cards. This also shows your currency.
+ITEMS Type +items to show the various categories of crafted items. Type +items (category) to bring up a list of crafted items under a specific category.
+LEADERBOARDS Use this command to get a roster of the top ten characters in each category, from longest online to most Saga Points.
+LOOK Type +look to show crafted items that are in the room with you. Type +look (item) to get the description of a crafted item.
+SHEET Use this command to show your character’s stats, skills, and traits. Also shows your available Saga Points.
+SHEET/BADGES Type +sheet/badges to see what badges you’ve earned. Type +sheet/badges (name) to see what badges another character has earned.
+SHOWPOLL This displays the message of the day posted in the poll section of the WHO list, without all the character names listed.
+SHEET/STATS Type +sheet/stats to see how many poses and words you’ve typed in-character.