The Bright Cluster

OtherSpace’s first player-created universe, the Bright Cluster is a small (but growing) area that offers abit
for everyone that is looking for something different.

The Cluster is a relatively peaceful region, historically. For thousands of years two dominant races
lived in relative peace. The nomad Kirvir travelled the stars as scavengers, traders, and explorers. The
xenophobic and shamanistic Myini, although a race capable of travel, have kept to themselves. These
two races periodically worked together, trading with one another.

It was not until recently when a race of scaled, war-like humanoids known as the Idarans developed
space travel did things change. The Idarans developed their technology by chance, locating a wreckage
of a spaceship on their world and adapting it to develop ships of their own. The Idarans, in a matter of
decades, expanded to many other worlds without regard for anyone else.

The expansionary tendencies of the Idarans did not go unnoticed, and the Myini soon reacted to this.
The Idaran and Myini would soon go to war over territory, plunging the Bright Cluster into darkness.
Over the course of a decade, hundreds of thousands died in the conflict. The Kirvir remained neutral in
the war, and offered aid to both sides.

Back on Idar Prime, however, as the war dragged on civil unrest started. The Quorum of Governors, the
leading government body of the Idaran people, would soon find themselves at odds with some civilian
groups, particularly the Toro Merchantile Authority. The Authority was the largest economic group in
the Idaran Hegemony, with its own military.

The Chancellor, wanting more power, ordered the Hegemonic Imperial Guard to invade Idar Minor
where the Authority was based out of. Unknown to the Chancellor, the military leadership had plans of
their own. They used the cover of invasion to launch an overthrow of the government, capturing the
Quorum and putting the Chancellor on trial.

With the Quorum dissolved, the new Hegemonic Military Council called for a cease fire to the conflict
with the Myini. In the weeks to follow, the Myini have halted their advance and the Idarans have
retreated to their homeworld to tend to their wounds.

Meanwhile, at the edge of Idaran space an anomaly caught the attention of the Hegemonic Imperial
Guard. Dispatching a ship to investigate, the Hegemony came in contact with a ship from another
dimension. Trans-Dimensional Expeditions, from the Ancient Expanse, crossed through the anomaly –
known as a dimensional rift, and made first contact with the Idarans.

The confrontation with TDX was peaceful, and in the exchange the Idarans received rift technology.
Since then, a new destroyer was commissioned that is capable of traveling through the rift. Additionally,
the Hegemonic Military constructed Dawnlight Station at the site of the rift. This station is to act not
only as a first line of defense, but also as a hub of trade and diplomacy for the Bright Cluster with the Ancient Expanse.


CIRCE Home of the Myini. The Myini share a telepathic bond with their world. The planet itself is a large forest, from where the Myini have built their vast cities.
IDAR PRIME Once a lush, fertile world. Idar Prime underwent a catastrophic event thousands of years ago, turning it into a barren desert. Home to the Idaran people and center of power for the Idaran Hegemony.
IDAR MINOR A fertile world recently colonized by the Idaran people. The planet is used as a major source of resources for the Hegemony. The Toro Mercantile Authority, chief economic and trade group in the Hegemony uses this planet as its headquarters.
SKOVAS A lush world which is called home by the nomad Kirvir. While the Kirvir originate from this planet, the population remains low and very little in the way of exploration on the planet has been done.


IDARAN Scaled humanoids who originated on the desert world of Idar Prime. Relatively new to space travel. Their culture is driven by a thirst for expansion.
KIRVIR Nomadic fox-like people who come from the planet Skovas. They distrust outsiders.
MYINI A race of squirrel-like creatures, only four or five feet tall, who share a telepathic bond with their homeworld of Circe. They are largely xenophobic and clash culturally with the Idarans.