This column appeared in The Herald-Sun in January 2014: It’s not that I hate doctors. Most of them seem like perfectly fine people. But I’m almost certain you’d never hear me utter anything like what my wife told the dental receptionist over the phone the other day: “Wes would loveContinue Reading

Now that the holidays are behind us and The War of the Weavers arc is wrapping up, I’m doodling on my to-do list, just to keep everyone apprised of what I’ve got on my radar, including potential timetables: * “Weavers” conclusion, hopefully this weekend, with an in-game event aboard theContinue Reading

As we get closer and closer to the conclusion of our War of the Weavers forum story arc experiment, it occurs to me that there’s another decent benefit of running major events like this in a format that’s unmoored from the rapid-fire nature of real-time RP. A complaint I’ve heardContinue Reading

This column appeared in The Herald-Sun in January 2014: I was almost finished building the new toy box for John Michael last Saturday when our smartphones buzzed about a tornado warning in Durham. Soon, we found out that – although it’s not a comfortable fit for all involved – it’sContinue Reading