What song best describes your character when they’re in a foul mood?

By Brody

3 thoughts on “What Song No. 1”
  1. http://youtu.be/_q6chUtSef4

    The above link send you to a Youtube movie of the song “Planet Hell” By Nightwish. The below link sends you to a page with the lyrics of that song.


    It’s not easy to get Xanya in a foul or angry mood. But if you push her enough you might find her dark side coming out. When that happens Xanya would wish she had big weapons at hand to deal with her enemy.

    This song Planet hell has a good start in it. you can here the music climbing up like something exciting is about to happen. At 58 seconds into the song Hell or in this case the big music is unleashed. That part always reminds me of a scene from the james bond movie Goldeneye. Which scene? well remember the start of the tank chase scene? Look at the video linked below. You’ll know what I mean.


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