Now that the holidays are behind us and The War of the Weavers arc is wrapping up, I’m doodling on my to-do list, just to keep everyone apprised of what I’ve got on my radar, including potential timetables:

* “Weavers” conclusion, hopefully this weekend, with an in-game event aboard the Galaxy Galleria (accessible via automated shuttle in the Ancient Expanse).

* Construction of Leucohoyle’s customized ship. Long overdue, just need to find the time. Hoping to get this finished next week at the latest.

* Crafting revamp. I’ll probably start tinkering with this in earnest in early to mid-February. Mostly, I just need to sort out what stays and what goes in the crafting chain and accordingly adjust SP costs for various items. Will seek feedback from the math gurus in-game about those final costs once I come up with the new proposed architecture for the system.

Got questions about any of these things? Feel free to pose them in the comments.

By Brody

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