This column appeared in The Herald-Sun in February 2014: I live less than three miles up the Durham Freeway from where police say a man accidentally shot a baby with a gun stashed in the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt on Wednesday morning. The only thing that’s liable to goContinue Reading

As the discussion about empire management in Dominion has evolved in the past few days, one thing has become abundantly clear to me: I don’t have time, energy or patience to wrangle rules for PCs vs. NPCs in the empire system. Dominion wasn’t meant to pit players against NPC-controlled empiresContinue Reading

A one-way exit has been added to Comorro leading to the Galaxy Galleria, for idle players who show up eventually and need a way off the dead Yaralu. Thanks to Xanya and Mikage for the suggestion!

Here’s the plan for gigs as part of the upcoming crafting revamp: Rather than a broad assortment of specialty-based gigs with varying requirements, components and payouts, we’re going to shift to skill-based gigs that require 150 SP and payout a uniform amount of 1,650 credits per gig. We’re continuing toContinue Reading