VollistaWWhile terrestrial in appearance, this world presents an unusual, almost false-color image. Emerald oceans nestle in among the continents, which are covered with blue and purple growth, rifled prominently with rocky gray mountain ranges.

Adding to the ethereal, dreamlike image are the cloudy greenstreamers that enshroud the space around the planet, seeming almost to cradle the world.

Predominant ecosystem consists of coniferous forests, followed by grassy plains.

Limited life readings in mountainous zones. Rugged and mountainous, although tectonic activity seems to have remained stable for several thousands years now. Water coverage is approximately 38 percent of the planets surface. There is also erratic electromagnetic activity in this vicinity.

The resulting energy pulses could have an unpredictable effect on equipment that utilizes electrical fields or current. An anomalous warping of the space-time continuum is marginally detectable.

These readings indicate that the fabric of space in this sector has been fatigued. Extreme disturbances in the upper atmosphere make life form readings unreliable, but intermittent bioelectric spikes are detected several within a kilometer under the surface.

A prominent artificial structure can be detected northwest quadrant, 1.3 kilometers up the cliffside of a mountain range. While EM probe reflections suggest moderate to high metal content, interference from stellar nebula and atmospheric ionization prevent details from this distance.

By Brody

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