It’s been quiet on the MUSH for a while.

I don’t know that it’ll ever perk up again – at least not in its current form, accessible only by way of relatively arcane methods like SimpleMU* and MUSHClient. The barrier of entry is just too high.

I’ve got a full-time job that keeps me busy on a computer, but without access to the MUSH during the day. Ideally, players would take the lead and make their own action happen – something we’ve cheered for many times, something players clamored for when they felt like staffer plots went too far with shaking up the status quo, but which ultimately never quite holds out because life happens and, in the end, OtherSpace is my baby. Long term, nothing much happens if I’m not involved.

Luckily, we’ve got options.

Slack is a web-based chat service that I’ve used in my most recent jobs. It lets you set up channels for real-time interactions. So I created an OtherSpace site on Slack with channels for all the planets, where players can interact, share roleplay scenes, and poke me for questions/concerns throughout the day. (I’ve added the Slack app on my iPhone so I can receive messages and respond ASAP.)

If you want to join, please send email to Currently, anyone who is a member of the Slack group can invite other members too.

Right now, I’m using the free version of Slack. If it appears that we get decent interest and use out of the new system, I’ll invest in the monthly fee to get more storage and app access. If player organizations with at least three active members want their own private Slack channel, please let me know.

I’m eager to see if this connectivity helps revitalize things!

By Brody

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