Tilsworth is situated upon a bench near the fountain, clipboard laying beside him, lost in reflection as he listens to the falling water. Maxwell stretches a bit as he wanders in from the lounge, peering at some paper with assorted things scribbled on. Tilsworth opens his eyes just in timeContinue Reading

BRADBURY, MARS – Leaders of the Martian planetary government today denied any connection to the woman who unleashed an Ebola variant at Cape Canaveral. “It does appear that she was from Bradbury and had no apparent connection to the young man who died on the Texas border,” said Louis Claymore,Continue Reading

NEW YORK, EARTH – Omar Panderyn, a retired physics professor who’s joining the Spark team in about two weeks, has been tapped to oversee construction of Ulm Station. The orbital facility, named after the hometown of Albert Einstein, will be the new home of Spark’s faster-than-light research and development efforts.Continue Reading

CAPE CANAVERAL, EARTH – Bob Busby, CEO of Spark, wants to make changes in the wake of a contagion attack on Cape Canaveral. He wants to take the effort to achieve faster-than-light travel beyond Earth’s atmosphere to a secure facility in outer space. The Spark board of directors is expectedContinue Reading