Two important changes are coming to resource nodes that provide crafting resources on the MUSH.

First, when you craft Raw Aluminum from an Aluminum Node, for example, it will generate a total of three units of Raw Aluminum and consume the node.

Second, Aluminum Nodes – and all other resource nodes – will be craftable by anyone with the skills to use them assuming the room contains an appropriate “potential node.” Own a world that should have potential nodes for minerals and other materials? Let me know via +str.

Will be working on this during the next week or so.

By Brody

3 thoughts on “Resource node changes coming soon”
  1. Yesterday on the public channel some interesting questions where posted. I thought of sharing them here for future reference. the below text is a direct copy from the text of saterday December 7th 2013.

    Laughing Bear Alhambra says, “Hm. Can you still buy potential nodes for your world?”
    Needs a Bigger Boat Brody says, “You’ll be able to request basic nodes – Mineral, etc. – for free via +str. The rest, rather than requesting, would simply be crafted in that location, by you. Effectively, it’s the same thing as buying with SP.”
    Laughing Bear Alhambra says, “Oh neato!”
    Laughing Bear Alhambra will have to go find her list of things… around here somewhere…
    Needs a Bigger Boat Brody says, “Baile coffee fields would need one of the new Crop Potential Nodes, for example.”
    Needs a Bigger Boat Brody says, “(Once I make that!)”
    Narai says, “So Aluminum nodes are used up right away, huh?”
    Needs a Bigger Boat Brody says, “Yeah, but the output multiple units.”
    Needs a Bigger Boat Brody says, “*they”
    Thats no moon, its a space station. Xanya says, “and the nodes that are curently on planets?”
    Needs a Bigger Boat Brody would like, someday, to provide variance in the yields based on skill. But until that day…!
    Laughing Bear Alhambra says, “and the ‘potential’ nodes don’t go away?”
    Narai says, “Won’t it get annoying to keep putting down nodes though once used? Especially for those making prototypes and stuff, that aluminum doesn’t last long when you need a shit ton :P”
    Needs a Bigger Boat Brody says, “Potential nodes don’t go away.”

  2. I still have one question about these changes. just something I want to be 100% sure of.
    These changes will only effect the resource nodes and not effect the materials required to craft something like a starship or a backpack or even a pda?

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