IC NEWS POST: Lunite artist plans eclipse spectacular

ARMSTRONG DOME, LUNA – A. Mopman, an avant garde artist born and raised on Luna, wants to give Earthers a show during the total lunar eclipse in July 2651.

“I want to create something never seen before; something unlikely to be seen again,” Mopman told an audience at the Aldrin Museum of Modern Art during a reception for his latest exhibit, “Leaking Light.” “I want to install hundreds of thousands of plasma lanterns around a perimeter that creates an image that will be visible for the duration of the total eclipse.”

He vowed that it would not be genitalia like the last time he made a large-scale art installation.

IC NEWS POST: Thatcher monument unveiling planned

GRAND ENAJ, SIVAD – For months, the 180-foot-tall bronze statue of Margaret Thatcher – a new centerpiece for the capital of Sivad – has been concealed under tarps and scaffolding.

In just a few weeks, the tribute to one of the 20th Century’s most-remembered British prime ministers will open for public view.

Finishing touches include lights inside her head, which will give her eyes a faint yellow glow at all hours, and smoke billowing from the cannons of a seafaring destroyer gripped in her right hand.

It will be possible for tourists to walk from Thatcher’s no-nonsense flats to the pompadour-like hairdo looming over the island city.

IC News Post: Five sought in casino heist

VALSHO, ANTIMONE – Authorities on Antimone are hunting for five suspects who robbed the Lucky Knuckle Casino last night.

Officials aren’t saying much about the incident, except that the group may have had outside help from disgruntled former employees and hackers to pull off a daring heist from a secure vault below the casino.

The suspects include two humanoids, a Vollistan Light Singer, a Demarian, and an Odarite.

A bounty for their capture may be offered in the coming days.

IC NEWS POST: Mystics mull Consortium membership

SAN ANGELES, EARTH – Eye Balthazar, leader of the Mystics of Val Shohob, confirmed today that his people are considering a bid to join the Stellar Consortium.

His world, currently among the independent planets, stands to benefit from Vanguard protection and Consortium trade agreements. The Consortium wouldn’t gain as much from Mystic membership, however, aside from some mineral resources and food crops.

“We hope to develop other resources over time,” Balthazar noted.