Monthly Archives: June 2015

IC NEWS POST: Lunite artist plans eclipse spectacular

ARMSTRONG DOME, LUNA – A. Mopman, an avant garde artist born and raised on Luna, wants to give Earthers a…continue reading

IC NEWS POST: Thatcher monument unveiling planned

GRAND ENAJ, SIVAD – For months, the 180-foot-tall bronze statue of Margaret Thatcher – a new centerpiece for the capital…continue reading

IC News Post: Five sought in casino heist

VALSHO, ANTIMONE – Authorities on Antimone are hunting for five suspects who robbed the Lucky Knuckle Casino last night. Officials…continue reading

IC NEWS POST: Mystics mull Consortium membership

SAN ANGELES, EARTH – Eye Balthazar, leader of the Mystics of Val Shohob, confirmed today that his people are considering…continue reading