A race of Human-like Kamiroids that can live to be centuries old. They average around eight feet tall with olive skin, silver hair and eyes that glow different colors depending on their mood. They originate from Aukam and were the heirs to the Kamir civilization but let it go to waste.


A race of psionic arachnoids native to the icy world of B’hira in Hiverspace, which they share with the felinoid Lyiri. Individual B’hiri are technically hermaphrodites, capable of changing sex as needed between the violent, aggressive male phase and the calmer, more intellectual female phase.


Castori are bear-like psionic beings, native to the giant trees of their heavily-forested world Castor. They are known for their pacifism and generally easygoing natures as well as strong interest in technological innovation.


Centaurans are levitating crystalline jellyfish-like beings and powerful telepaths who have shown their capacity for hostility but are best known for their strict pacificism. Those of the homeworld, Centauri, are suspicious of the unenlightened rest of the galaxy, but curious enough to send researchers snooping around from time to time.


Demarians are large, felinoid beings from the desert world of Demaria. They come from a noble society that’s divided between the elite ruling class and the indentured members of the underclass. It’s a sometimes savage life, with underclassers fighting cage matches against each other or deadly sand eels in the arenas for the amusement of the nobles.


Massive bipedal rock creatures, these polished zen giants have a mastery of the electromagnetic spectrum, and were only recently discovered by the rest of Hiverspace. They are skilled in melee combat, and have a surprising knack for computers.


Falari are tall avian beings that evolved from a large predatory bird that was prominent on Falar in ancient times. They average eight and a half feet in height, some specimens reaching nine feet. Their feather colors are typically range in color from tan to dark brown, while their head feathers are typically cream to white in color.


Fish-like telepaths that delight in commerce and distant cousins of the Ydahri. They require mobile water containment vessels when outside their ocean environment. They keep no family ties, and believe in a completely unrestricted free market.


One of four intelligent races that have evolved on an ancient homeworld of the Kamir – once known as Kamm Shohob, now known as Kamsho. Creations of the Kamir, Gankri adults average about six feet in height. They are bipedal with two arms and two large paddle-like feet and a balancing tail that are suitable for jumping. Their furred, nimble hands are webbed.


Grimlahdi are medium-sized reptiloids originating on Grimlahd. Their general appearance bears some resemblance to bipedal iguanas in that they have scaly skin, nonretractable claws, a whiplike tail, and headspines. The Grimlahdi are considered shrewder, more intelligent, and less impulsive than their cousin race the Zangali.


On average, Hekayti stand from seven to nine-feet-tall. Their skin is mottled green, an evolutionary adaptation that they developed millennia ago to find camouflage from predators in the tropical jungles of their homeworld Hekayt Prime. They have bony growths, like ram horns, jutting from their skulls. They have hooved feet, and backwards-bending knees.


Millions of years ago, the Kamir were a humanoid race of powerful psionicists that enjoyed manipulating the genetics of other races and dabbled in the development of artificial intelligence and importantly, the Hivers. The few that survived when the Hivers revolted transcended to a level of non-corporeal existence to escape their renegade creation.


Llivori are bipedal, badger-like aliens with claws, averaging five feet in height. The Kamir created the Llivori as proxy warriors to conquer alien worlds on behalf of their masters. After the Kamir fled this realm to escape the wrath of the Hivers, they felt ashamed of how they had been used and became far less interested in taking their place in the stars.


Known as “roamers” throughout the galaxy as their homeworld was presumably lost in a catastrophe ages ago, they now proliferate throughout Hiverspace aboard family-owned starships, in service to the Hekayti or in pursuit of personal gain. On average, Lotorians resemble raccoons; they are about five feet tall, furry and have elongated snouts and eyes.


On average, these bipedal felinoids stand about five feet tall and are covered in fur. Color blind, they come from cities built in icy caverns below the surface of the planet B’hira, which they share with the spider-like B’hiri. The Lyiri share a predisposition toward commerce with the Lotorians, but their natural telepathic gifts make them automatic foes of the psi-hating Lotorians.


The Mekke are a psionic insectoid race distantly related to the Odarites. As a result of class differences, the two races living on Odari diverged into different species about 90,000 BCE. In 25,932 BCE, a civil uprising known as the War of the Broken Wing resulted in the lower-class Mekke establishing an independent society in the deep caves. The Mekke left their homeworld in 22,190 BCE to establish a colony on Ist’thol’mek.


Mobile, man-sized Venus flytraps that move on dozens of vine-like tentacles, these sober merchants are respected throughout Hiverspace. They excel at business, persuasion and investigation.


Mystics are on average seven feet tall, with the race ranging from the very short at six feet to the very tall at eight. They not heavy for their height, more bony than slim, and it’s a rare Mystic that conforms to the human concept of overweight. They are humanoid, that is to say they are generally built like a human, with two arms, two legs, and a head all in the right places. They have the same gender differentiation as humans. Their skin is best described as mildly dark, similar to those humans of Mediterranean descent on Earth though the occasional one is a trace closer to actual ‘green’ than a human has ever been; the skin tone is often called ‘olive’ in shorthand. Their skin always looks more brown than green, however. Their eyes and hair are usually silver, with eyes occasionally demonstrating browns or light purples.


The children of the sun goddess Nalia are probably best described as a Napoleon Complex cult: They feel natural animosity to all races that are taller than them, and Nall don’t grow very tall. They hate being much more than three feet tall. They are cold blooded and lay their children in eggs.


Nemoni have lifespans that can reach 130 years. Their average height is 1/4″, and they have bright red skin, bright yellow hair, and typically red, blue, or black eyes.


Conniving, logical, and plentiful, these mercantile insectoids are becoming an economic powerhouse in the Orion Arm. They are distantly related to the Mekke.


Opodian adults average about five feet in height, bipedal with two arms with clawed hands and two squat legs with clawed feet. Their primary fur coloration is white, although they all bear distinctive and varying black patches all over their bodies.


Phyrrian Tasker Units are mobile robots equipped with advanced artifical intelligence. Taskers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and temperments to suit their equally varied purposes. All are designed by the Overmind to collect the vast amounts of data it requires, generally by performing a specific duty or set of duties. They are designed to self-destruct or otherwise resist investigation or modification of their internals by non-Phyrrians; however, skilled individuals have compromised a Tasker on at least one occasion.


A deeply spiritual race that look like tailless bipedal wolves, foxes, dholes or hyenas, standing five to seven feet in height and living on Pyracan. They are known for their ability at crafting a wide variety of quality goods, eschewing machine-made goods whenever possible. They are also known for their capable warriors and superb herders and animal breeders.


The Timonae are a rather free-living race with a knack for gambling and troublemaking. They are cousins of the Mystics that abide on the planet Antimone. Most Timonae these days feel pity for their more psionically gifted brethren, who have lost just about everything over the centuries.


Tupai adults average about three feet in height, bipedal with two arms with leathery skin flaps that expand to serve as wings, two squat legs, and a sinuous tail. They have blunt, pug-like snouts and shiny black compound eye clusters. The Kamir created the Tupai to work as servants in their grand palaces on Kamm Shohob, Aukam, and elsewhere throughout Hiverspace.


Vollistan Light Singers inhabit the planet Vollista. They are emotional creatures who can express themselves with personal light shows – red for anger, blue for sorrow, a shock of purple for surprise. Accomplished poets and singers. Their names all start with the prefix “Vol.”


Ydahri are newt-like inhabitants of Ydahr and distant cousins of the G’ahnli. Notable characteristics include feet like those of the gecko that adhere strongly when planted at the proper angle, enabling the Ydahri to climb vertically up walls (though not across horizontal ceilings).


The Zangali are tall, warm-blooded reptiloids with a wide stubborn streak and a strict code of honor. Although quick-tempered and disinclined to become fluent in alien languages, most Zangali do not fit the common misconception that they are dumb.


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