It’s Thanksgiving in the United States. So, in recognition of the holiday, here’s an exercise for you: What are your characters thankful for these days?


By Brody

4 thoughts on “Character Fodder No. 3: Thanks!”
  1. The things Xanya is thankful for starts with simply being in this universe filled with spaceships, space stations and other stuff, which she can even create herself being an engineer.
    She is also thankful for having a loving wife, who currently is probably worried sick wondering where Xanya is, since Xanya disappeared together with Comorro.
    Third she is also thankful for the many friends she has made in this universe.

    Qraco’xar doesn’t do thanksgiving. in fact I don’t think it’s known where he comes from. He is however thankful for still being alive.

  2. For Kethren, there’s rather a lot. Being in a universe where his eyes could be fixed so amazingly well for one. Getting to design the first city on a new planet. Developing a method of building with vines and roots. The companionship of a ser. But mostly he’s thrilled to have such a wonderful (and green) girlfriend.

  3. Okay, this should be… interesting. Mileage may vary. In their own words, what my characters are thankful for:

    “Well, I reckon I am thankful for havin’ a feller that ain’t off his shit, thankful for all my horsies, an’ my house, an’ my pals, an’ this beer, an’ my hometown, an’ my job… okay, jobs, an’ the Baile with alla its nice weather an’ wonderful critters, an’ uh, not presently havin’ any drama in my lap but don’t you take that as an invitation there, universe, ’cause so help me I will kick somebody’s teeth out the back of their head don’t think just ’cause I’m all fulla Doc Mira’s cooking that I can’t get off this couch, I tell you whut.”

    “Oh, what, is is this some manner of ‘feel good’ cognitive exercise, is that what this is? Very well… I am presently thankful for, including but n-not limited to: air scrubbers, genetic enhancements, cybernetic technology, biotechnology, planets without bureaucratic nonsense, portable sanitising technology, self-cleaning fabrics, quick-spooling titanium circuit bridges, any entities sensible enough to be trustworthy, electro-muscular disruption, and robots. Also Father. When he is present and and reasonably sober.”


    “…hmmm… what I am thankful for…
    All of my boys, but of course!
    Delicious food.
    Frozen Mai Tai.
    Birth control!
    Wanderful scientific medicines.
    Showairs where se ‘ot water doesn’t stop coming out.
    Timmies. Annd Aukami, and well all of se Kamiroid, sey are so -pretty-.
    So many planets!
    Forty-seven diffairent flavor of rum.
    Ice cream.
    Se clothes where you push button and it changes color.
    Room service.
    Music, so much music.
    Virtual realitie programs.
    My ship.
    My friends.
    and Timmies. Eh? ‘ow many times did I mention? Psh. Well I love sem sat much, so what of it.”

    Happy Thanksgiving, folks! Wishing all a safe, healthy, and drama-free holiday.


  4. Aina is thankful for everyone in her life, because they accept her for who she is, and they don’t judge her because she’s a large green goat looking lady. Her home, all of her little critters, and most of all that amazing man that loves her and makes her glad that she went out in search of a new life.

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