The Mind’s Eclipse is a stylistic visual novel told with text and stark black-and-white imagery by an indie dev team from Durham, N.C. It’s due out this fall. The team’s leader, Donald Campbell, took the time to answer some questions about their project. Q: What’s the premise of The Mind’s Eclipse?Continue Reading

As a reward for our players posting 75 Steam reviews about the game, we’re sharing a bit of Knee Deep fiction. The next official fiction piece will be released after we hit 100 reviews on Steam. Enjoy! The agent sitting across from K.C. Gaddis sips his coffee. He sets theContinue Reading

I confess: I went into Star Trek Beyond ready to hate, hate, hate it. I’m one of those people that didn’t like Star Trek Into Darkness, of course. So my expectations for this third outing of the rebooted Enterprise crew were inherently low. But, another confession: I wanted to love,Continue Reading

On July 25, 1792, the Second Continental Congress of the United States established the Post Office Department. Eventually, that would become the U.S. Postal Service. With that in mind, today’s exercise calls for you to write a letter as your character – it can be a journal entry, a captain’sContinue Reading