1. It’s still the 27th Century. The original OtherSpace MUSH took place in the year 2650. The latest iteration finds the universe in the year 2674, with some significant changes. What’s different? Well, the Parallax has been wrecked by the obliteration of the planet Lebal, resulting in an exodus of refugees to the Fringe and Stellar Consortium. The Fringe, once a haven of crafty smugglers and pirates, is now a more or less respectable megacorporation empire overseen by the board of directors of the Fagin Five Hundred. And the Stellar Consortium, once considered a fairly enlightened territory, has grown increasingly xenophobic.
  2. Sanctuary happened, but…The colony ship fleeing the Kretonian invasion of 2651 never went into a parallel universe where time flowed differently. For six months, the Sanctuary refugees gathered assistance from the far side of the Orion Arm and eventually made their way back to the Known Worlds to battle back against the invaders – and won.
  3. Humanoids? Aliens? We’ve got ‘em all. Players can pick from a wide variety of humanoid and alien species, from the familiar human to the wildly alien crystalline jellyfish of Centauri. And you can start your character today at jointhesaga.com port 1790!
  4. Yes, you can play a character you’ve already created, if…you don’t mind aging them to keep up with the calendar.
  5. Real-time events are returning. We’ll try to schedule events primarily on the weekends, but may also offer random roleplaying opportunities at various times during the week as time allows. The game is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  6. Character biographies are required. As it was in the old days, a character biography helps you as a player get into the mindset of the character and provides some immersion within the theme. Want to workshop ideas? Join us on the Discord!
  7. Managing expectations. We’re all busy. We’ve got jobs and families and obligations that take priority even over the most important events transpiring in the far-flung future of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. But you should expect us to keep you informed about upcoming activities and, in turn, we hope you’ll connect with us on the MUSH, on Facebook, and on our Discord server to provide a regular line of communication and occasional goofing around.
  8. Who’s making this happen? Right now, we’ve got three people working behind the scenes to bring OtherSpace MUSH to life again. Brody (Wes Platt), Colchek, and Newt. You’ll often find at least one of us lurking on the MUSH or on the Discord.
  9. What’s in it for you? Games like OtherSpace provide immersive escapism, as well as social connections that, it turns out, can span the globe and last for decades. You’ve also got the chance to make memorable moments and shape the ongoing story. And, of course, you’re exercising your imagination and developing creative writing skills.
  10. What’s in it for us? OtherSpace is free to play, but it costs money to host and promote the game. If you’re feeling generous, support the Patreon, which will get you access to some private Discord channels and merchandise. However, it is not a requirement.

By Brody