I confess: I went into Star Trek Beyond ready to hate, hate, hate it.

I’m one of those people that didn’t like Star Trek Into Darkness, of course. So my expectations for this third outing of the rebooted Enterprise crew were inherently low.

But, another confession: I wanted to love, love, love it – because this franchise celebrates its 50th birthday in September, just like me.

Now I want to thank director Justin Lin and the cast and crew for a rip-roaring ride of a birthday present. Star Trek Beyond features dizzying space combat sequences, a relentless and motivated villain, and opportunities for every member of the crew (new and old) to act like heroes as they play to their strengths.

The most cringe-worthy moment of the movie – using Beastie Boys music as a weapon – also worked out as one of the most gratifying.

Can’t wait to see it again.

By Brody

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