I told her I’d call. No, I know, I always tell them I’ll call. I just never do. It’s not me; it’s them. Sometimes I need other people. Mostly, I don’t. Can’t tolerate company. When I can stomach a companion, it’s always short-term. A one-night stand is usually too bigContinue Reading

On Aug. 8, 1989, the Space Shuttle Columbia rocketed into space for a 5-day secret mission. Now it’s time for true confessions: your character’s got a secret. Write about it and explore why they’ve kept that secret for so long. Send your exercise to jointhesaga@gmail.com and I’ll share it asContinue Reading

Dan Osborne of Indianapolis, Ind., provides the voice of cranky newspaper reporter Jack Bellet in the swamp noir adventure Knee Deep. He shared with us some answers to questions about his career and his experiences working on the project. Q: How’d you get started in voice acting? A: I wasContinue Reading

Look past all the gee-whiz special effects and the unnecessarily convoluted plot and Suicide Squad is a colorful political allegory in which someone rebellious, with a fondness for red (pink?), white, and blue and ambitions to help those in need, is seduced by a lunatic thug with weird hair andContinue Reading