Dan Osborne plays Jack Bellet in Knee Deep.

Dan Osborne of Indianapolis, Ind., provides the voice of cranky newspaper reporter Jack Bellet in the swamp noir adventure Knee Deep. He shared with us some answers to questions about his career and his experiences working on the project.

Q: How’d you get started in voice acting?

A: I was in radio for over 20 years and decided to take coaching/acting lessons and expand my knowledge of the business.

Q: Favorite VO project, aside from Knee Deep?

A: Character voices of some old games like the hunter on Deer Hunter 5 and Outback Jack on Alaska Outback. Walmart grapes commercial, the voice of the 2015 Aruba tourism campaign, and Colts and Jets narration projects. I also narrated a documentary on the Whiskey Runners of Templeton, Iowa.

Q: Most important thing for an aspiring voice actor to remember?

A: Stay current, accept advice, get a coach. Leave your ego at the studio door.

Q: What made Knee Deep different?

A: It’s always tough doing characters when you are unaware of the reaction of the characters you are interacting with in the game, but that’s how a lot of games get done. You have to rely heavily on the director to understand the other parts and trust that he/she knows exactly how you want your character to respond to that particular moment.

Q: What appealed to you about Jack Bellet?

A: The acting was not a stretch. It called for a smart ass with sardonic wit and attitude – ME ME ME!

By Brody

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