It’s not as if I am liable to get *more* free time by June, when the OtherSpace reboot officially happens.

And yet, despite my prior statements about lack of time affecting my ability to actively participate on the MUSH and make things happen, here I am, committing myself to doing just that.

So, do I need to call shenanigans on myself for using free time – or a lack thereof – as an excuse to do less on OtherSpace?

Maybe. If I’m totally honest – with you, with myself – then, definitely maybe.

Face a few facts:

  • Preparing for the reboot requires attacking the Wiki, which I haven’t bothered to do until now. The reboot gives me ample motivation, if not new quantities of time, to do this.
  • It requires building a new grid. Granted, it’s a smaller scope than the Ancient Expanse or even the old Orion Arm. But, still, it must be built. Luckily, I’ve got great assistance from Colchek on that front.
  • Implementing the reboot story arc requires planning, development of my own character(s), promotion of the MUSH in various outlets, and running actual events. I’ll need to make time for that.

Well. I can’t make time, can I? But I can set aside time I might otherwise spend goofing around on Facebook, playing Elder Scrolls Online or Starbound, or watching shows on Netflix and Hulu.

It remains true that I probably can’t run a lot of events that span three or four hours in a sitting.

However, if the scope shrinks and the epic stakes are drastically reduced, then chances are the activities that I run are going to be more about lore-building and character development than huge, action-packed sequences with lots of referee work.

And what I can’t accomplish in sit-down events in real-time on the MUSH, I should be able to manage with forum-based storylines.

How about you? How do you expect the change in scope within the reboot to affect your RP availability?

By Brody

4 thoughts on “Myth-ing time”
  1. The reboot shouldn’t affect anything for me, other than a new opportunity to RP.. And, I hope, new opportunities to run some events which, I will admit, I slacked on in the last 10 months since the fall of the Dominion.

    Lots of new opportunities. And excited for the ‘renewed’ focus on a pre-multiverse setting.

  2. I am -always- up for new opportunities to RP, and what I’ve seen of the new boot it has a ‘discovery and adventure’ flavor that has piqued my interest.

    I am, however, -fully- intending upon continuing my various and sundry projects in Hiverspace, because, well, there are stories as of yet unfinished and tales still to be told.

    Who doesn’t like a good story, after all?

  3. I to am a bit excited about the new RP opportunities. And like Alhambra already said, the adventure and discovery aspect of it is appealing.
    I to have things still still planned for Some of my characters in hyverspace, so I to won’t stop playing with those.

  4. Glad to hear folks with a stake in the Ancient Expanse plan to keep the fun going there. As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t embark on this new adventure with an eye toward shutting down the old grid. It’s all about finding the way to engage myself – and new and veteran players alike – in the adventure of OtherSpace.

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