Outside the door, across the street stands a human woman dressed in tight blue jeans and a red, tight fitting button up blouse.  Her back is to the door as she seems to peer around the shuttered up windows of a nearby storefront. Lyddmull Seamel lifts the visor of hisContinue Reading

There’s a new arrival to the Ungstir Landing Pad – a large freighter that has definitely seen better days. On its side the name “Queen Anne’s Revenge” is painted in bold letters but there are some chips and it’s faded in places. Sprawled across its back is a very shapelyContinue Reading

Dusk is just starting to settle over the bustling city of Riverturn, the sprawling seat of power on the planet of Tavros. The central square, housing Bull Run Park, is the current home of a festival honoring the Fastheldian traditions and religion, dubbed the Week of Light. Tents have beenContinue Reading

After hours at the Black Cat Tavern is never for the faint of heart. It draws some disreputable crowds, often the disgruntled and underpaid. With a simple, stark interior, there isn’t much to say for its interior decorating. It’s a place to kick up your heels with a few holovidsContinue Reading