OLYMPIA DOME, MARS — Shortly after news broke of the upcoming vote in the council to normalize diplomatic relations with the Nall Parallax, Councillor Santiago was quick to jump on the opportunity to denouce the upcoming vote.

“A vote for opening a dialogue and eventual embassy with the Parallax is a vote in support of a brutal empire. The record on the Nall is quite clear. Why would be want to even entertain this idea? We should be moving to support the oppressed worlds, and millions of enslaved sentients under the Nall regieme. What next? Business and ecomonic opportunities with them?”

The councillor indicated that Mars would vote against the motion, and urged all non-Earth members to vote against the motion as well.

“Earth is far from the Parallax, but many of the other Consortium worlds are much closer. This poses the greatest security risk of our time. I will be personally meeting with every councillor to build a coalition against this absurd idea.”

By Brody

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