Vechkov wanders into the cockpit and slumps into his usual chair at the sensor station, rolling the moss tube sample between his palms. “OK, so,” he says to Sionnach, “we’re supposed to go to Sol for a second opinion. Once Sharpers is back on board, we’re good to go.” Meanwhile,Continue Reading

The Rigel system is a navigational nightmare, devoid of any obvious signs of life (intelligent or otherwise) but plenty of potential for mineral resources. The system consists of five stars, all orbiting each other to a certain extent, with ten major orbital paths that occasionally swap stars. Sometimes, Rigel IContinue Reading

“I’m severely troubled by this information,” General Charles Avocet responds to Lieutenant Thrum in his answer to the latest report from the Zheng He. “I wish I had better news for you, but it appears that Rodrigo Levante abandoned his post after planting that device on the hull of yourContinue Reading

Shortly after the exercise aboard the Rucker, Ensign Armand Levante reports to the lieutenant: “We’ve received orders from General Avocet on Earth, sir.” He transmits the data to Thrum’s PDA. The message reads: “Lieutenant, we’re overdue a report from a civilian survey ship – the Martinette. Her flight plan wasContinue Reading