Here’s a quick glimpse at just how much has happened since OtherSpace opened in 1998:

  • I’ve had two dogs and four cats. Down to none now, but I’ve traded up to a toddler.
  • I’ve had two cars.
  • I’ve lived in five apartments, three houses, and a cabin in the woods.
  • I’ve lived in Florida, the Pacific Northwest, and North Carolina.
  • I’ve worked at three newspapers (St. Petersburg Times, Henderson Daily Dispatch, and Durham Herald-Sun) and three game development companies (Icarus Studios, Bit Trap Studios, Prologue Games).
  • We’ve seen three popes and three presidents, so far.
  • Netflix has evolved from disc mailing to online streaming.
  • Google launched Gmail.
  • We’ve seen five Law & Order franchises.
  • The Human Genome Project was completed.
  • The U.S. launched the War on Terror after 9/11. (Before that, we really never had to take our shoes off at the airport.)
  • The last original Peanuts cartoon was published.
  • World of Warcraft slammed into the gaming world with the power of an asteroid striking the Yucatan, with text-based games like OtherSpace turning into endangered dinosaurs.
  • Star Trek got a reboot with mixed results. We’ve outlived Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.
  • Star Wars got three crappy prequels and a decent sequel.
  • We’ve been around for the entire Harry Potter movie series (and most of the books – Philosopher’s Stone pre-dates OtherSpace by about a year).

By Brody

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