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[SLACK ROLEPLAYING LOG] Back to the Farm #storytelling #demaria #otherspace

As promised, a herd of bumblers comes rolling into the village of Fakalienstadt on the third day. Razorback dismounts as…continue reading

[SLACK ROLEPLAYING LOG] #rp-demaria: Fluffpaw

Razorback strides into the town, making a direct line towards was passes for a livery stable on Demaria. “How many…continue reading

[SLACK ROLEPLAYING LOG] #rp-demaria: Whiptail

Razorback Cliffwalker, still in his “disguise,” finds his way to a small hut, far off the beaten path, on the…continue reading

[SLACK ROLEPLAYING LOG] #rp-demaria: Crap Job

Razorback Cliffwalker comes walking into the little town, his typical clothing replaced with cheaper canvas work-clothes. Also missing are his…continue reading