Yet another update! Last one for Week #1 of my attempt to revive RoE! 🙂

A hive of scum and villiany…

Tatooine is dug out and described. Notable locations such as Mos Eisley, Jabba’s Palace, the Pit of Carcoon, Jundland Wastes, and other areas are available! I also hope to see a vendor placed at a Jawa camp on Tatooine! Rejoice!

That is three planets down (although one is really small)!

So what is next?

One more planet for sure.. Something the Rebels can play on (although Tatooine is technically a neutral world). I may do two or three small/medium worlds instead to use. So right now we have Coruscant, Kessel and Tatooine.

How’s that theme coming?

I did get access to the old RoE website, and that had some information on it. The site indicated that the Death Star was destroyed in orbit of Sullust, and that the Emperor died aboard it at that time. We will use that event as where we pick up from. I am currently bouncing ideas around in my head, but this is what I am thinking:

After the destruction of the Death Star and the dead of Emperor Palpatine, the Empire became splintered. The balance of power had shifted, and without its leader, the Empire fell into chaos. Imperial Captains and Admiral began fighting themselves for control. Out of the Unknown Region, Grand Admiral Thrawn returned to find the Empire in shambles. Leaving his first office in command of the defense of Coruscant, Captain Pellaeon, Thrawn begun reconstructing the Empire. With few left in the inner circle of the Emperor, plans have begun to be drawn up to punish worlds which directly support the Rebellion.

In the mean time, the Rebel Alliance spread throughout the galaxy in an attempt to hide from the Empire – fearing for retaliation and regroup for their next move. A short list of worlds have been drawn up by the Alliance High Command as a potential new location for a base, and plans are in the works to settle somewhere to prepare for their next plan. 

With the balance of power in disarray, the Hutt Syndicate have seized the opportunity to expand their influence. What they have planned is not known, but they are preparing the move against some of their enemies with the Rebellion and Empire preoccupied with recent events.

That’s the first draft of an overview. Subject to change, review and revision as time goes on. 🙂 Looking for immediate plot hooks for pretty much everyone, no matter what faction you wish to join.

What about ‘dem races?!

I will work through that this week, along with the traits needed for each.

That’s it for now. More to come!

By Narai

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