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[OTHERVIEW Q&A] Dave Creek #amwriting #storytelling

Dave Creek, a former web producer, is a Kentucky native who lives in Louisville. He’s the author of numerous stories…continue reading

[NOTEWORTHY] Happy Birthday, Harry Turtledove! June 14 #amwriting #storytelling

Born in Los Angeles in 1949, Harry Turtledove is an author of speculative fiction – especially alternate history – such…continue reading

[OTHERVIEW Q&A] Jason A. Holt #amwriting #storytelling

Jason A. Holt, board game writer and translator, is fluent in Czech and lives on a remote Montana cattle ranch.…continue reading

[OTHERVIEW Q&A] Jeffe Kennedy

Jeffe Kennedy, the award-winning author behind series such as The Twelve Kingdoms and The Uncharted Realms, recently took the time…continue reading