Month: October 2016

[GAME DEV] Touched by a robot – running afoul of reddit

In retrospect, that message probably shouldn’t have surprised and angered me so much. At the time, though, I was furious. I hadn’t received any sort of warning. I just logged in for my usualReddit skimming and saw the note. Spamming? I didn’t consider myself a “spammer.” It must be some kind of mistake, I thought….

[DEV INTERVIEW] Miku RPG’s Marta Vicario

Marta Vicario and Matt Bailey are partners in DragonEggGames, developing an indie 2D pixel art game called Miku RPG. The player inhabits the role of Hatsune Miku, lost in a digital world, exploring themes of humanity. Vicario was kind enough to share some of her experiences working on the new project. Q: What inspired the…

[DEV INTERVIEW] King Under the Mountain’s Ross Turner

Ross Turner is a software development consultant working on an indie fantasy game called King under the Mountain. He took some time to answer questions about the project, which he expects to release sometime in 2018. Q: How did Rocket Jump Technology get started? How large (or small) is your dev team? A: Not as…