In preparation for the launch of our newest roleplaying-outreach initiative, we’ve hardcoded a new feature into OtherSpace MUSH. From now on, all poses and lines of dialogue are limited to no longer than 140 characters.

It’s in the best interest of broadening our RP accessibility that we make this move, so that we can provide real-time interactions on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as we maximize our connections to modern social media.

Understandably, this may prove challenging for those who like to write more detailed poses or lengthier lines of dialogue. To that end, we’ve developed a new shorthand for roleplayers to use so that they can conserve characters in their activities. Examples include:

  • O: My character says something.
  • D: My character does something.
  • R: My character does something that requires moderation by a referee.
  • E: My character exposes something emotional about his or her past.
  • P: My character references a pet.
  • B: My character sips a beverage.

Previously, we might type out a full pose, such as: “It’s sultry out,” I say, uncrossing my arms and throwing a dagger at Bob. “Did you know I was trampled by a moose as a child? It left me scarred, both physically and emotionally. What made it so much worse? That moose was Clementine, a pet. I loved him so.” I sip my appletini.

Now, with the new method, we could simply shorten it to: O D R E P B. And then others react accordingly with their responses.

I think this is a great opportunity to take OtherSpace in new directions!

By Brody

3 thoughts on “New pose-length limit”
  1. A few questions arise after reading this post.

    First: How can we tell that we have reached the 140 characters limit. when where typing?

    Second: How will the new shorthands work? I’m a bit lost as to how such a long pose as given in the example could be shorted to O D R E P B and actually be read again by others?
    It sounds to much like text messages where people write things like ttyl and expect others to know they mean: Talk To You Later. Not everyone will understand these kind of shorthands and I wouldn’t be surprised if some people will outright refuse to understand such shorthands.

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