The best way to think of the current iteration of OtherSpace and our activities on Slack is as an epic serial television show that hops from one part of the Orion Arm to another at any given time.

You’re playing central characters in a creative ensemble. At the end of the day, the give-and-take of the story should bend toward advancing the narrative around your characters. That’s a roundabout way of saying: “It’s all about you.”

That doesn’t mean one player is always the center of attention. Everyone should have a chance to shine. But it does mean that a great deal of responsibility rests on each of you as players to help push things forward.

I’ll offer hooks and RP opportunities, but – in the end – it’s up to you to take what I offer and run with it. Or, if you’re not keen on what I’m putting out there, be ready to share ideas of your own and follow through with them.

Here are some quick points I want to establish for Slack RP going forward:

  • Scenes play out in channels according to location. So, if you’re in a bar, a casino, a dark alley, a beach on Antimone, those scenes run in the #rp-antimone channel.
  • In scenes with more than two people, we work out pose order before the scene starts and we do our best to stick with that.
  • Your character won’t die in a scene I’m running unless we discuss it beforehand at your suggestion. (That doesn’t mean your character won’t be wounded or suffer other negative consequences.)
  • We’re not worrying much about dice rolls. If you want to try something, let’s work it out in the scene. I’ll err on the side of reasonable, fun, and creative as often as possible.
  • This is a work-in-progress. How we do this may change over time to accommodate the desires of the playerbase or the convenience of staff. As much as possible, though, I want to steer everything toward what’s most interesting for the players and their characters, followed closely by what’s best for the broader OtherSpace story.

Feel free to reach out with suggestions, thoughts, or concerns as we move forward with the new experiment!

You can see some of our first activities at the following links:

Thanks for participating. Want to join the Slack site? Send email to to request an invitation!

By Brody

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